North West London Area Quaker Meeting

Because of Covid-19 our meeting houses are holding meetings for worship which are restricted in various ways and also are holding online meetings. Please use the local contact forms to find the arrangements for your local meeting.

Please also contact your local meeting about room hire. Links are below.

Quaker Quest is a good way to learn about Quakers.  Find out more here.

Welcome to Quakers in North West London.

We have 5 local meetings. If you would like to learn more about Quakers do contact us about joining our meetings for worship.

Meetings for Worship are held regularly every week in our Meeting Houses and in Friends House. There is more information about them on the individual pages of each of the Meetings but here is a quick summary:

Finchley Every Sunday Meeting for Worship at 10.30 am

Friends House Every Sunday Meeting for Worship at 11.00 am

Golders Green Every Sunday Meeting for Worship at 11.00 am

Hampstead Every Sunday Meeting for Worship at 11:00 am (all age)

Every Wednesday Meeting for Worship from 1.15-1.45 pm

Muswell Hill Every Sunday Meeting for Worship at 11.00 am (with pre-Meeting sharing at 10.30)

In normal times there are rooms available for people to hire at each venue with details on the local pages, except for Friends House where the contact is the Quiet Company, Friends House.

Please check the current situation about lettings directly with local meetings. There are also rooms at our former meeting house in Edgware which you can enquire about at their office. Please be sure to select Edgware lettings from the drop down list so that the mail goes straight to them.