Quakers at Arts the Arms Fair

When the arms fair returns to London in September, Art the Arms Far will be back too. We are organising two weeks of art, music and poetry to expose the arms fair. We’d would love for you to visit the exhibition, attend an event, or volunteer to help us out, if you are able and willing.

We know that the arms trade, peace and conflict is an issue many f/Friends are passionate about, and some young f/Friends have been involved in the organisation of Art the Arms Fair.

Here is a poetic contribution from Robert Ilson of Hampstead Meeting.

A Tale Too Often Told

My dearest friend acquired a gun

I did not want to be outdone

And got one too.  We both were proud

To stand out from the gunless crowd

And felt protected from assaults

Our lives seemed perfect, free from faults


Until one day we disagreed

Our voices rose.  We felt a need

To flaunt our weapons, did not fear

The horror that was looming near.

His bullet failed ; mine hit its mark

My friend fell into Death’s long dark


I live yet cannot cease to grieve

My sadness will not ever leave

But is there no one else to blame ?

Yes ! There’s one more must bear the shame :

He who oblivious of their harms

Makes money out of selling arms

                        Robert Ilson


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