Introductory Reading

The following publications have further information about Quakers

  • Advices and Queries” is a booklet of Quaker thoughts and counsel for life’s journey.
  • Your First Time in a Quaker Meeting” is a short leaflet describing what a Quaker meeting for worship is like. It introduces the Quaker way of seeking the divine through silence shared by a community. Most local meetings have this leaflet to pick up on the way in to their meetings for worship.
  • Britain Yearly Meeting, the organisation of all Quaker meetings in Britain, maintains a web site about the Friends in Britain.
  • The Quaker Bookshop at Friends House open Mondays through Fridays from 9.00 to 20.00. It has a has a wide range of Quaker literature, as well as other books on spirituality.
  • Being a Quaker: a guide for newcomers Geoffrey Durham
  • The Spirit of the Quakers an anthology of Quaker writings selected by Geoffrey Durham.
  • A Light that is Shining by Harvey Gillman is an excellent introduction to Quakerism.
  • Request an ‘enquirers pack’ (click here) you will get free material in the post.
  • A reading list for children lists books from the Quaker Book shop for young people.

Most local meetings have a library where you can borrow these books. Quaker Quest have a book table where you can buy the above, or you can drop into the bookshop at Friends House, across Euston Road from Euston Station in London.

Often the best way to learn more about Quakers is to experience Quaker worship for yourself or to talk to a Quaker. More information is available at local meetings or at Quaker Quest. Ours is an experience-based faith, so when you are ready please come and join us.